Kukup Beach

Foto of kukup beach from rest area in east side

Kukup beach is one of the famous beaches in Gunungkidul. The beach is well known as the marine aquarium, why? There are a lot of variety of fish here. Obviously with white sand make this beach more excotic .

Kukup beach on the east side, there is such a great hangout. His position at the center of the sea, and to achieve it we must walk over bridge connecting the coastal area. That’s make me remember, the morning harvest seaweed called Ulva near the bridge.

A rest place for enjoying the scenery

Just a little share, now that the beauty of this beach is less and less because a human. And then team KKN PPM UGM Unit – 84 at half of the period between 2011 create a conservation area on this beach. They hope later, ornamental fish and other can live freely and breed on the coast. That’s certainly add to its beauty. So ifyou travel Kukup beach, do not damage any of the biota of conservation area. Okay?

A lot of visitors when holiday in kukup beach

To reach this beach is very easy. If you know the way to the Baron beach, it is on the eastcoast. So after the main door entrance to the beach, you turn left (do not take the right). See you later alluvium gate to the beach, there are a couple pictures of sea horses. So, when you want to travel this beach?


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