Application of fuzzy logic control system for reactor feed-water control

Takashi Iijima *’a, Yoshiaki Nakajima a, Yasushi Nishiwaki b’¢
aFugen Nuclear Power Station, Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation, 3 Myojin-cho, Tsuruga-shi, Fukui-ken, 914 Japan
b University of Vienna, Austria
¢Jagdschlossgasse 91, A-1130 Vienna, .4ustria

On the occasion of the 2nd World Congress of IFSA held in Tokyo in July, 1987, a small meeting was convened by Prof. Nishiwaki, Ex-deputy director of the Division of Nuclear Safety and Environmental Protection of IAEA, to discuss possible application of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic control in nuclear plants. This paper describes successful actual application of fuzzy logic control system (FLCS) to the feed-water control system of the 165 MWe Fugen Advanced Thermal Reactor (ATR). Fugen is a heavy-water moderated, light-water cooled reactor. The introduction of fuzzy logic control system (FLCS) has enabled operators to more effectively control the steam drum water level as compared with a conventional proportional-integral (PI) control system.
Keywords: Fuzzy logic control; Nuclear reactor; Feed-water control

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